MN VPMN Guidelines for Inner Chapter Dynamics


As the MN VPMN grows past its original chapter into a network of many chapters around the state there is a need to develop organizational guidelines for inner chapter dynamics. As an organization the MN VPMN recognizes and respects the needs of each individual group member as well as the autonomy of each individual chapter. Concurrently, each individual group member and individual chapter must recognize and respect that they are part an interconnected whole that forms the MN VPMN organization.

With this in mind the MN VPMN has developed viable guidelines for the inner chapter dynamics and individual conduct that may affect the welfare of the VPMN, VPMN chapters and VPMN individual members. Please refer to these guidelines as well as the following support material when questions arise: “VPMN confidentiality rules”, “facilitator guidelines”, “10 ways to get the most out of a VPMN group”, “Discussion Guidelines” and “VPMN Structure”

Each chapter needs to discuss, amend and approve these inner chapter dynamic guidelines. In the end the guidelines we set forth will be adopted as bylaws for the VPMN organization and made available to all chapters.



1. Each member of MN VPMN is part of a greater whole. The viability and welfare of VPMN as a whole depends on the individual member’s active participation to fufil our common mission “The mission of MN VPMN is to encourage and facilitate professional and personal growth of Veterinary Practice Managers through education, support and cooperative exchange of ideas. The criteria for our subjects and teachings emphasize universal availability, unconditional support and non-judgmental dissemination of information. All techniques are offered voluntarily, respecting that each individual’s process is unique. MN VPMN has no political or philosophical agenda.”

2. Each MN VPMN chapter has but one primary purpose as defined in our mission statement “... to encourage and facilitate professional and personal growth of Veterinary Practice Managers through education, support and cooperative exchange of ideas.”

3. The time committed to the welfare of the MN VPMN and individual MN VPMN chapters is on a volunteer basis. Information provided by the MN VPMN or at VPMN chapter meetings by members should reflect the MN VPMN mission statement to provide Veterinary Practice managers with “...universal availability, unconditional support and non-judgmental dissemination of information.”

4. Each individual MN VPMN Chapter sets its own limits for group membership. If no MN VPMN chapter is available to join, The MN VPMN, as a whole, will support the formation of new chapters based upon the interested parties’ individual participation in the process. Meaning you can start a new chapter anytime, anyplace, with anyone. If you are willing to do the work MN VPMN will provide you with names of other interested parties if we have them, structural guidelines and mentoring to get your chapter up and running. A KEY NOTE: It is important that MN VPMN members have some measure of control to affect change with in a veterinary hospital, be working in the field of veterinary practice management or have a strong affiliation with the management of veterinary hospitals. In addition it is vital that MN VPMN members have a desire to assist others in the field of veterinary practice management

5. A Guiding Council Service Board, Special Project Service Board or Regional Committees may be formed from time to time to facilitate communication between groups or with outside organizations when matters that affect the VPMN as a whole are being organized, discussed or developed.

6. MN VPMN Guiding Council members, MN VPMN chapter facilitators, special project service board members and regional committee members do not govern they are trusted servants directly responsible to those they serve.

7. No MN VPMN chapter, regional committee, special project service board or individual member should ever take action that might greatly affect the MN VPMN as a whole without conferring with, and gaining approval from, the trustees of the “Guiding Council Service Board.”

8. Each MN VPMN chapter is autonomous except in matters affecting other chapters or MN VPMN as a whole. When plans or concerns affect the welfare of other MN VPMN chapters, those chapters should be consulted.

9. Every MN VPMN chapter should be fully self-supporting.

10. MN VPMN chapters should never endorse, finance or lend the MN VPMN name to any outside enterprise.

11. MN VPMN has no philosophical or political agenda and holds no opinion on any issue. When speaking on behalf of the MN VPMN, MN VPMN members, chapters, service boards or regional committees should not draw the MN VPMN name into public controversy.

12. MN VPMN has established confidentiality rules of conduct in addition each MN VPMN chapter may establish its own confidentiality rules. An individual member that breaches their Chapter’s confidentiality rules are at risk of expulsion from that chapter, depending on that chapter’s particular guidelines. An individual member breaching the MN VPMN confidentiality rules of conduct will be expelled from the MN VPMN as a whole.


Guiding Council Service Board – Is made up of 2 members from each chapter. It is convened when issues affecting the entire VPMN need to be discussed and decided upon. Each chapter will give its input on the issues before the council to the representatives that they send. Each pair of chapter representatives are responsible for communicating their chapter’s desires at the council meeting and working with other council members establish mutually agreed upon policy decisions.

Special Project Service Board – Is made up of VPMN chapter members who convene for the sole purpose of completing a special project that will benefit the entire VPMN. Projects may include but are not limited to coordinating a seminar, assisting the MVMA, creating and maintaining a website etc.

Regional Committees – Different regions have different concerns and may from time to time need to convene a regional committee to address the needs of that region. It is suggested that each VPMN chapter from that region send 2 members to represent their chapter. Chapter representatives are to work together to achieve the best possible solution that meets the needs of that region.