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Personality Test

Would you like to know more about your personality?

Are you open to learning more about several important elements of your personality preferences? Then here are the simple instructions.

1 - Take out a blank piece of 8 ½ x 11 inch paper.

2 - Now draw a pig.

Those are the instructions for the PIG Personality Test.

Draw a pig.

The pig is of the animal variety.

Your drawing will serve to interpret your personality preferences.

After you have drawn your pig, please read the results below.

Do not read the results untilafteryou have drawn your pig.

Now . . . draw a pig.

Did you draw your pig? O.K. Now read the results.

PIG Personality Test Results:

1. If your pig is drawn toward the Top of your paper, you are an optimistic person with a positive attitude. You generally anticipate the best possible outcomes of actions and events. In other words, you see the glass as half full.

2. If your pig is drawn toward the Bottom of your paper, you tend to be more of a pessimistic person. You generally expect the worst. You see the glass as half empty.

3. If your pig is drawn toward the Middle of your paper, you are a realist who tends to face facts and deal with them realistically. You see the glass as dirty and put it in the dishwasher.

4. If your pig is drawn facing Left, you believe in tradition, are friendly, outgoing and tend to remember dates and birthdays.Hint for husbands: remember your wife's birthday but never her age.

5. If your pig is drawn facing Right, you are innovative and active but not as good about remembering dates.

6. If your pig is drawn facing Forward, you are direct, straightforward, welcome discussion, and often enjoy playing the devil's advocate.

7. If your pig is drawn with Many Details, you are analytical, cautious, careful and may be distrustful.

8. If your pig is drawn with Few Details, you are more impulsive, care little for detail and are willing to take risks.

9. If your pig is drawn with 4 Legs showing, you are secure, stick to your ideals, and can be stubborn.

10. If your pig is drawn with Less than 4 Legs showing, you may be insecure, uncertain, or living through a period of major change.

11. The Larger the pig's Ears you have drawn, the better Listener you are.

12. And last but not least, the Longer the pig's Tail you have drawn, the more satisfied you are with the quality of your love life.

I have found this assessment to be a great ice-breaker before a meeting, seminar or training session. I have used it literally hundreds of times and although the instrument is completely un-validated, sometimes the accuracy of the results is close to uncanny as reported by those who take it.

Copyright - © Institute of Psycho Ceramics (crackpots). :)

Provided by Kim Garling/Dr Farber at 2014 Fall Seminar.